So I woke up this morning thinking about orphans. Different kinds of orphans, I suppose. Like, I was going to post something here, and I was going to start it with, “I found these 3,000 orphaned words and I thought I’d share them with you,” and then I was all “orphans” and “I should go through all these orphan tabs that are forever open on my laptop…” And I did. And I found this interview from the other day. The one where Stephen Graham Jones is talking about stories (’cause, storiesamiritebros? hayyzSHWM) and he says, “Stories without fun stuff going on in them, when they fail I’m just left with a wasted half-hour, or a wasted week…” which is very cool and motivating, but then I scroll down and my new selected volume (Vol. 1, that is) of his work gets blurbed (what?! the only work of his out on the dock for 2015 right now?!) and that’s cool enough and then recommendations for other books (’cause booksamiritebros?) so yeah. 

Very good interview. Can’t wait for this one.


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