Stephen Graham Jones‘s MONGRELS does all those things you want a book to do—comes with a cool cover, tells a great story, gives consideration to those small details of life that make life worth noticing, makes you want it to not end, makes you want to turn right back to the front cover and start all over again right then and there, and is about werewolves. Does it get better than that? Yeah. Because for young werewolves and their relations (those who are not, but would prefer to be werewolves), it gives hope in those ways that help you to remember on those days when it seems it somehow never could, it will get better.

Your immersion in the story is necessary, and Jones holds your paw and brings you right in. Every fucked up school moment, every scary on the street who is this older dude and what does he want moment, every sure I can eat this for lunch moment, every am I a part of this family moment jumps off pages which cease to exist about five minutes in and then you’re hopelessly part of the family too, wishing for some ungodly reason that you had a strawberry wine cooler and maybe lived in a disposable trailer. You wait for the next family history, the notes that you seem to already know that make the story work and are surprised to learn there might be some new ways to wolf out, ways you might have considered and now have license to know, and maybe even to try.

In the end, you’re left with some questions to accompany your continuous replay of the story in your head—“Will there be a sequel?” “How many times can I read this until it comes out?” “Who’s going to play them in the movie?” and a final thought: I wish I hadn’t read this yet, ‘cause I wish I was starting it right now.



Book Review: ‘The Faster Redder Road’ edited by Theodore C. Van Alst Jr. – : Book Reviews

Nice review from the Santa Fe New Mexican

Book Review: ‘The Faster Redder Road’ edited by Theodore C. Van Alst Jr. – : Book Reviews.

Quick Note — It’s Official Release Day

Just a quick note–it’s Official Release Day for The Faster Redder Road: The Best UnAmerican Stories of Stephen Graham Jones! 22% off today!

So yeah, that was it. Thanks so much for all your support. Oh. This is what they’re saying:

“This collection showcases the best writings of Stephen Graham Jones, whose career is developing rapidly from the noir underground to the mainstream. The Faster Redder Roadfeatures excerpts from Jones’s novels–including The Last Final GirlThe Fast Red Road: A PlainsongNot for Nothing, and The Gospel of Z–and short stories, some never before published in book form. Examining Jones’s contributions to American literature as well as noir, Theodore C. Van Alst Jr.’s introduction puts Jones on the literary map.”


“Stephen Graham Jones does for the literary world what Andy Warhol did for the visual arts: turns the common into the extraordinary, makes the low high, and absolves the sins of our literary pleasures. Like a madman in a factory, Jones produces one terrifying masterpiece after another–he is a superstar, and his brilliance will burn way longer than anyone’s fifteen minutes of fame.”–Ito Romo, author of The Border Is Burning

New Book — Now available for Kindle

Well, now. Here’s a good morning note:

“Dear Theodore,
I am just writing to let you know that your book is now available for Amazon’s Kindle, and it will also be available from other various e-book vendors such as Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Google, as well as institutional vendors.

Please tell all your friends!”

So if you just can’t wait, “The Faster Redder Road: The Best UnAmerican Stories of Stephen Graham Jones (Vol. 1)” is now available on Kindle.

$9.99 is a pretty good deal!

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UPDATE: Congratulations to Stephen Graham Jones and After the People Lights Have Gone Off on winning This is Horror’s 2014

Short Story Collection of the Year!


So I woke up this morning thinking about orphans. Different kinds of orphans, I suppose. Like, I was going to post something here, and I was going to start it with, “I found these 3,000 orphaned words and I thought I’d share them with you,” and then I was all “orphans” and “I should go through all these orphan tabs that are forever open on my laptop…” And I did. And I found this interview from the other day. The one where Stephen Graham Jones is talking about stories (’cause, storiesamiritebros? hayyzSHWM) and he says, “Stories without fun stuff going on in them, when they fail I’m just left with a wasted half-hour, or a wasted week…” which is very cool and motivating, but then I scroll down and my new selected volume (Vol. 1, that is) of his work gets blurbed (what?! the only work of his out on the dock for 2015 right now?!) and that’s cool enough and then recommendations for other books (’cause booksamiritebros?) so yeah. 

Very good interview. Can’t wait for this one.